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We started The Pause Button in April of 2019 with one goal in mind - write good content about the video game industry. It’s a massively expanding industry, and each corner of gaming offers something new to be explored. Game Design, Streaming, Investments, Games, Technology, Influencers - there’s something for everyone when it comes to games.

Every week, we scour the web for a diverse set of content focused on keeping you up to date on what matters, and sprinkling our own analysis and perspective along the way.

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In addition to our weekly newsletter, we hire freelance journalists and experts from around the industry to share their content and stories with our readers. Covering everything from mobile gaming to game design, every week we’ll bring you exclusive articles from folks around gaming.

No Advertisements, No Clickbait

Much of gaming journalism today is plagued with ads, click bait, and sponsored posts.

The Pause Button is a way to learn about the gaming industry without outside influence.

Each week we’ll deliver direct, useful, and interesting gaming content to your inbox. No ads and no clickbait.

About Us

The Pause Button is written, edited and curated by us: Fawzi Itani & Max Lowenthal. We’ve spent years playing every game we could get our hands on: from MOBAs to FPSs, we’re lifelong gamers with a passion for the industry.

In our professional lives, we’re focused on delivering value to users and growing businesses. Originally co-workers at LinkedIn in 2018, we’ve worked at start-ups, venture capital firms, and even furniture stores. Throughout our careers we’ve held roles in Sales, Customer Success, Business Strategy and more. We’re constantly learning about how the industry functions behind the scenes, and our appetite to learn is only just starting.

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